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Test your security team’s response to cyberattacks

Is your organization capable of detecting and neutralizing today’s highly sophisticated cyber-attacks? SureCloud Cyber's Adversary Simulation and Red Teaming services accurately determine how effective your internal defenses are, and deliver a practical roadmap to improve your security posture.


Test your internal defenses with Red Teaming

Identify and address your security weaknesses through covert, simulated attacks. Our expert Consultants undertake detailed reconnaissance, taking into account your organizational profile, to deliver highly authentic attacks that you are likely to face in the real world. Our detailed report and debrief will outline your Security team’s weaknesses and provide a detailed roadmap for improvement.

Leverage Purple Teaming to optimize your security posture

Collaborate with our expert team to identify and address key security weaknesses. SureCloud Cyber's expert Consultants will work with your in-house Security team to optimize their response to current attack scenarios. Our Purple Teaming services will identify your security shortcomings and then develop a comprehensive plan to enhance your organization’s attack readiness.


Determine your organization’s response to phishing attacks

Phishing and other forms of social engineering are indispensable tools for cybercriminals. Test your controls and defenses with SureCloud Cyber's Phishing & Social Engineering Simulation service. We undertake extensive attacks across all channels to determine your system resilience and your security team’s ability to respond.

Optimize your ransomware protection strategy

Installing ransomware has become the preferred means for threat actors to monetize security breaches. SureCloud Cyber's Ransomware Simulation service will determine the ease with which your security defenses can be infiltrated and malicious applications can be installed. Our expert Consultants will provide in-depth insights into key security weaknesses, together with detailed recommendations to optimize your security posture.


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