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Quantify and take action on ransomware risk.

With ransomware on the rise, the question isn’t whether you’ll be targeted, it’s whether you have the right security controls in place to prevent your data being locked-down, published or both, by attackers.

The SureCloud Cyber Ransomware Risk And Resilience Assessment quantifies the risk your organization faces and tests your existing controls to establish the probability of a ransomware breach. We’ll report back on the risks across your organization with a tailored, fully prioritized remediation program.


The SureCloud Cyber Ransomware Risk And Resilience Assessment is ideal if you are facing:

Risk blindness

You want to quantify the commercial, regulatory and reputational risk your organization could face from a ransomware attack.

Lack of resource

You don’t have the in-house capability or expertize needed to monitor the risk and mitigate it on an ongoing basis.

Limited buy-in

You are having difficulty securing buy-in at a board or budget decision-making level to invest in security controls and processes to better mitigate ransomware risk.

Why trust SureCloud Cyber?

Because of our rich and successful heritage gained over many years in assessing the effectiveness of security measures, we have developed a uniquely powerful technology-led approach. Delivered through the SureCloud Cyber Platform, you benefit from powerful remediation management and dynamic reporting capabilities, enabling you to adopt our findings quickly so you can achieve your desired security posture faster.

Is the SureCloud Cyber Ransomware Risk And Resilience Assessment right for you?

The news is rife with stories of even the largest organizations and biggest brands being hacked. Not knowing the risk of ransomware penetrating your security controls keeps many business and technology leaders up at night.

Keeping data safe from attacker groups is a growing challenge as they invest huge sums in orchestrating new attacks and developing obfuscation techniques that allow them to move stealthily around your organization once inside.

The SureCloud Cyber Ransomware Risk And Resilience Assessment gives you:

  • - A quantifiable risk analysis report – showing the risk across your organization. Use it to build your business case for security investment.
  • - A tailored, fully prioritized remediation program that improves your organization’s ransomware resilience and reduces your overall cyber security risk. Delivered via the intuitive SureCloud Cyber Platform, you will have a single source of management for your remediation workflows and a simple way to track progress.

Organizational leaders gain:

  • - Factual, quantifiable evidence of the risks your organization faces.
  • - Peace of mind that security controls are effective.
  • - Clarity for investment decision-making.

Technology leaders gain:

  • - An opportunity to test security controls from an attacker’s perspective.
  • - A clear view of where security vulnerabilities are.
  • - A step-by-step work program with remediation that is tailored to your needs and prioritized to mitigate the biggest risks first.
  • - Qualification of ransomware risk to the business, helping you to engage the business in conversations about people, budget and technology requirements, in a language that’s meaningful to business leaders.

How does the assessment work?

In essence, it provides quantified risk analysis, tests your defenses, and defines a remediation roadmap that will improve your ransomware resilience and reduce overall cyber risk.

Here’s how it typically works:

Phase 1. Analysis

We define your data assets, their value and sensitivity, assess your current security controls, and quantify the ransomware threat to your business using ThreatConnect’s Risk Quant service.

Our Consultants gather information about your security controls and analyze it in our platform using the NIST CSF profile for ransomware.

Outputs from this phase inform the phase 2 simulation and form the core of our reporting and remediation program.

Phase 2. Simulation

We take the results of phase one to create a simulated ransomware attack with our findings mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, scoring your organization on its ability to resist an attack.


Phase 3. Reporting

We analyze the outcomes of the simulation from which our experts create a tailored, fully prioritized remediation roadmap. Access it through our platform and it becomes a dynamic remediation program that allows you to improve your security posture and your ability to resist an attack.

What’s the cost?

The Ransomware Risk And Resilience Assessment is both flexible, affordable and delivers ongoing risk intelligence and remediation activities – it’s never a one-size fits all, or a one-time review process with SureCloud. We keep reviewing risk and optimizing the outcomes of the assessment for your organization and the changing threat landscape.

Prices begin at £18,000 / € 21,000 / $24,000.

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