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Simulate real-world cyberattacks to gauge how well your system can resist attacks and handle potential threats

All our adversary simulation services are delivered via our subscription-based model, which is designed to help you understand the threat landscape, level up your security maturity and improve your defensive controls.

Red Teaming & Attack Readiness

Our Red Teaming & Attack Readiness services highlight your susceptibility to attack and ability to detect and respond.

Our expert team achieves this through a number of different ways. These include performing a Red Team exercise emulating a real-world attack, through to end-to-end cyber readiness assessments, tabletop dry-run assessments, and collaborative Purple Team engagements.

Ransomware Risk & Resilience Assessment

Our Ransomware Risk & Resilience Assessment quantifies how at risk your organization is from the fast-growing threat of ransomware, tests your defenses, and provides you with a contextualized remediation plan for prioritized and sustainable security improvement.

Social Engineering & Phishing Simulation

Our Social Engineering & Phishing Simulation services help determine your level of awareness of cyber security attacks and the efficacy of any technical or procedural controls which may be in place.

Could your organisation effectively handle an attack? Take the ultimate test.

SureCloud Cyber Services adversary simulation services provide you with a clear assessment of your detection and response capabilities. Our highly experienced consultants have intimate knowledge of the latest tactics, techniques andpProcedures (TTPs), which they use to simulate a range of authentic attacks on your organization. We team up with your in-house experts to use the insights from these simulation exercises. This helps you eliminate key vulnerabilities and develop highly resilient defenses.


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