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Assure the security of your connected devices and other networked hardware

Today, organizations not only feature complex infrastructures and technology stacks, but they are also comprised of many thousands of connected devices. This interconnection provides valuable opportunities for communication, data gathering and information exchange. However, if your connected devices are not adequately protected, they can also provide threat actors with a means of accessing your organization’s network.

SureCloud Cyber offers a range of valuable product security testing services, which help assure the security of your connected devices and other networked hardware.

IoT and Embedded Device Penetration Testing

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables almost infinite communication across multiple devices, which is responsible for vast quantities of highly valuable data being amassed throughout modern organizations. But, because of their overall lack of security features, and a limited scope to layer additional security software onto these devices, cybercriminals have identified IoT devices as prime targets to gain access to your network and infiltrate your organization.

IoT and Embedded Device Testing Services from SureCloud are ideal for organizations with security concerns relating to IoT devices they are considering investing in, or devices that are already present within their technology stack. Our IoT testing program thoroughly assesses specified IoT devices including:

  • - Transportation systems
  • - Medical devices
  • - Consumer IoT
  • - Embedded devices such as set top boxes or smart meters.

Our rigorous testing program will enable your organization to identify key vulnerabilities that individual IoT devices feature. The insight we provide enables you to act to minimize the risk your IoT devices are exposing you to. We will then recommend the implementation of extensive rules and policies to govern the use the IoT devices tested by SureCloud. Finally, our expert team deliver reports and remediation, which helps reduce the probability of a breach occurring.

Research-driven Deep Dive Testing

The world’s leading software vendors and device manufacturers rely on SureCloud to help transform the security of the products they bring to market.

Our highly experienced security specialists will undertake in-depth testing of your devices and software products. We undertake research to understand the ways in which your technology operates and will identify all vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by a threat actor.

By taking the time required to fully understand our clients’ security concerns, we develop an understanding of how any technology breaches would impact your end-users. The SureCloud team documents all findings of product vulnerabilities within our final report, which includes a roadmap for the remediation of all security issues that have been discovered.

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