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Protect your cloud environments with our holistic cloud security advisory and assessment services.

Cloud services are commonly used to store sensitive corporate and customer data and run critical applications essential for business operations. As a result of these dependencies, it is necessary to understand and eliminate any weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your cloud environments.

We can help you achieve this through our range of cloud security services delivered by cloud security experts.

Get help from our cloud security experts


Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing from SureCloud Cyber enables your organization to identify the inevitable risks associated with the use of cloud technology. Our expert testing team will assess your cloud environments to ensure that best practice is being followed, both in your deployment of cloud technologies and within your cloud strategy. We will examine the configuration of your cloud platforms to identify any errors, which in turn present opportunities for threat actors.

Cloud Configuration Review

Regardless of the enhanced security features most cloud service providers offer, if your cloud services are misconfigured, you provide opportunities for threat actors to breach your organization’s defenses.  A Cloud Configuration Review from SureCloud Cyber provides an assessment of the configuration of all cloud services used by your organization. Our consultants will identify all incidences of insecure configuration and provide comprehensive and clear remediation instructions.


SaaS Product Configuration Review

The tech stacks of almost every organization now include multiple instances of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The more your organization relies on SaaS platforms to maintain its operations; the more important best practice is followed when configuring and maintaining these applications. As with all other cloud services, misconfigurations of SaaS applications can lead to vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can use to infiltrate your organization.  A SaaS Configuration Review from SureCloud Cyber provides a complete analysis of your SaaS deployments. Our consultants will identify all poorly configured applications and provide a detailed remediation plan that explains the actions that must be taken to improve your cloud security posture.

Cloud Security Strategy Advisory Services

Organizations undertake their journey to the cloud for various reasons, such as growth, scalability, flexibility and cost reduction. But your investments in, and use of, cloud and SaaS technologies can be threatened if not adequately secured.  SureCloud Cyber's Cloud Security Strategy Advisory Services provides a thorough assessment of your cloud strategy from a security perspective. Our consultants will identify the elements of your strategy which are most risky and then develop a comprehensive plan to minimize and mitigate these risks. Immediately following our rigorous assessment, our cloud security experts will deliver in-depth reporting and detailed strategic recommendations.


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